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Peter H., 67
United Kingdom

Absolutely excellent service. The whole procedure was well explained and fully costed so there was no nasty surprises or hidden expenses. The attitude of all the staff was exceptional, dental clinics in the UK could learn a great deal from the service that was provided. I have no qualms about recommending the clinic to anyone. I visited Gdansk 6 times and loved every trip. A beautiful city, excellent transport links and plenty to see and do. I cannot wait to return for a check up. I love my implants and can only see this as being beneficial, allowing me to smile properly for the first time in years and providing me with a confidence that has been lacking. The cost of my treatment was very good, I compared this to dentists in the UK and estimate that it was at least 60% (if not more) cheaper. Also by my treatment taking some time the cost was spread over the whole period. Visiting this clinic rather than my previous UK dentist was like going from a horse and cart to the Starship Enterprise, the technology was immense. Thank you.

Andrew Murphy, 59
TREATMENT: Implant and crown

I have been a patient with Project Smile for around 5 years and this review follows the completion of my third course of treatment. The facilities and staff at the clinic are first class and I have never been disappointed by the standard of care. Best of all is the value for money for advanced treatments which are extortionately priced in my home country. Highly recommended.

Lee Clarke, 58
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: All on 4 / 6 full implants and bridges

Having considered dental work abroad for some time, I finally took the plunge in late 2021. From the moment I contacted Patryk, exchanged some emails and then had a couple of calls, I was convinced that I was making the right choice. We discussed ballpark costs for the treatment I was envisaging, and whilst it was not cheap it was possible - in the UK I could not have afforded it. Within a few weeks I was in Gdansk and Patryk organised a hotel and taxi (thanks to Peter the driver). The treatment was very invasive but thats what I needed. My surgeon, Maciej, was extremely reassuring and the week was full of tests and surgery. Throughout the whole process of extractions, bone augmentation and implants, Maciej was amazing, making sure that my personal comfort was uppermost in his mind. Then the healing stage takes over and this goes on for 4-5 months. Upon returning and making sure that the surgery had been a success, I was then under the care of Anna who is something of a perfectionist when it comes to crafting the bridges and correcting your bite. Within 9 months I was fully 'toothed up' and what a difference it makes. All of those embarrassing situations of avoiding foods and not smiling evaporated. To say that this has impacted my life immeasurably for the better would not be an overstatement. If you are considering any dental work outside of your own country then I cannot rate this team highly enough. Communication is fantastic and their concern for personal wellbeing is laudable. If you have a low pain threshold then the team will never push the boundaries, they will always ask you if you are feeling any pain. If I could sum up this experience in one word it would simply be 'painless' - from both a treatment and organisational perspective. Finally, you'll also have a lovely stay in a beautifully historic city which is also very modern. Well done everyone at Project Smile and thank you.

Chris Paleczka , 41
United States
TREATMENT: Restorative treatment with 7 implants and 24 crowns 🙂

100% the real deal. I could not be happier with the results. After 3 separate visits, over 14 months and completing my final appointment, I feel like a brand new person . From day 1, I knew what to expect for the next year+. Dr. Maciej does the surgeries and Dr. Anna does the aesthetic work. I can't speak highly enough about their professionalism, thoughtfulness and top notch work. All of the assistants were amazing, the equipment is state of the art and everything is so clean. The price was 1/3 of several quotes in the US, but beyond that, in the US dentists suggested a worst solution, that did not take into account my bone loss or the existing healthy teeth. Beyond the results is also a hidden European gem of Gdansk! The city is clean, steeped in history and Uber is always on time. If you are considering this clinic, do it! Also a special thanks to Patryk who was able to put me at ease by answering all of my questions throughout the entire process.

Aileen keane, 62

I was left with the screws in my top Gums falling out. And still pices of the screws are still falling out 5 years later. It cost me it cost me 12000 euro. For nothing basically. Luckily my brother is a Dental Technician and had to make me a knew set of dentures.. The clinic had never offered me replacement AlphaBio sto keep my bottom Dentures in

Paul Holmes, 52
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Dental implants & crowns

I have had issues with my teeth for many years, I started to look into implants in the UK but not only was it difficult to even get a consultation, the cost was prohibitive. I started to look at clinics in Poland as I knew the quality of dentistry is very good here, Project Smile came up on a google search. After initial consultations via email and phone I took a trip to Gdansk. Patryk has been so helpful throughout the process and always available for a discussion if I had any queries (which I did) and he arranged the accommodation in Gdansk (which was fabulous) and Peter the driver. I ended up with more visits than I had anticipated, largely as I had a lot of work done. The staff have been excellent and I am very pleased with my new teeth. I chose to go for the slightly more expensive option (zirconia full ceramic non-metal) after discussion with the dentist and going through the options. Despite all of this, I wasn't prepared for how invasive my treatment would be including bone grafts (which I wasn't expecting and possibly something not everyone will need), the recovery following treatments was difficult. In total I had 5 trips including my final fitting (in late Jan 23), but as I say I had a lot of treatment. Thankfully Gdansk is fairly easy to get to from the UK with a short flight, and also we love the city, so much so that we are more than happy to visit for an annual check-up back at the clinic. You do need to go for a check-up 5-6 months after the final fitting. Overall, I would definitely recommend Project Smile. The quality of the care and treatment is excellent and I am very pleased with my new teeth. A big thank you to Patryk for being so helpful and responsive and to Peter who was always there to collect us from the airport, for the journeys to and from the clinic and was generally very helpful.

Henrik Paragate, 60

In the spring of 2022, I had comprehensive prosthetic work carried out at Smile clinic in Poland. 22 dental crowns and bite adjustment. The clinic is very aware of quality, thus several examinations Was done to get the best result. 22 dental crowns is a lot and I was a little nervous about such big changes. Now 3 months after the changes, I can only state that I have no discomfort or pain. My smile is so beautiful that other people praise my beautiful teeth. They can't tell the difference between dental crowns and it's really nice. My bite is correct and I can eat everything without problems. I can confidently recommend the clinic to anyone who wants or needs dental help. The most professional dental work I have ever witnessed.

Anne Hamilton, 68
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implants and crowns

I had amazing experience start to finish, I highly recommend this dental clinic to everyone who is looking for perfection.

Rose Maiken Flatmo, 58
TREATMENT: Implants and crowns

I had my first treatment at the clinic about eight years ago at the age of 58. For many years I had several problems with my teeth. There were old bridges that were broken with inflammation, general tooth decay etc. I will give my best recommendation to Project Smile Dental Clinic. I could never get better dental treatment. It`s now almost nine years since I got my implants and I had no problem at all in all this years. The clinic is complete reliable and everything is transparent. You get all the information that you need about both treatment and prices. They take care of everything and the people you meet you can really trust. They even have a driver who can meet at your hotel and drive you to the clinic, and also meet you at he airport if you want. If you want to take contact with me for more information you can contact me directly. Patryk Baker at the clinic can give you my mail address and phone number.

Gudmundina Ragnarsdottir, 60
TREATMENT: Theeth drown out, Implants, porcelin bridges

I was very pleased with the treatment that I received in my four visits to the Project Smile clinic. Mr. Patryk Becker, was very helpful and I was really thankfull for the help given in arranging transport and accommodation. The doctors that attended me, where so very thougtful and polite, and and had really very high standard of professional skills. The cilinic is very modern and has latest dental technology. Pricing for treatment I received and was always extremely reasonable and can not compare to the price in Icland. And also I am very thinkful for the service of Mr. Peter's taxi to and from the airport and all over town. Only thing that I could complain a litle about is that I had to wait for servise up to an houer several times, but it really did´nt matter because I had not much else to do during my treatment. I highly recommend the clinic wto anyone in need of dental care, especially if it is of a complex kind.... If you are thinking of getting your teeth fixed... do not hesitate to contact Mr. Patryk Becker at the Project Smile clinic immediately. I am quit sure that you will never have a cause for regret. Ég mæli eindregið með Project Smile. Ég fór í fjögur skipti, fékk 8 implönt og postulínsbrýr að lokum og er svo himinlifandi að geta nú brosað og ekki hvað síst... að tyggja mat og borða vandræðalaust. Stofan er mjög nútímaleg með frábærum, kurteisum, nærgætnum tannlæknum sem eru mjög færir í sínu fagi Hikið ekki við að hafa sambandi við Patryk, bæði hægt að senda tölvupóst og líka hringja.. og fáið ráðleggingar. Það er líka hægt að skreppa til Gdansk í einn tíma og fá faglegt mat og kostnaðaráætlun.

Kevin Matkoski, 62
United States
TREATMENT: Whole mouth crowns and implants

My experience was amazing. Dental professionals who truly care. I originally asked for a quote based on a US based team. The dental surgeon from Poland called and explained to why that was not the healthiest solution in the long-term! I ended up with fewer implants because they saved more of my original teeth. When it was all done, my neighbor said I looked ten years younger, my sister said I had such a beautiful smile, they hadn't seen it in such a long time. I do smile all the time now. The dentists in Poland were always checking to ensure I was not in pain. I never was. I have never been to a dentist as gentle and caring as Project Smile's. My brother in-law needed an implant. I told him to call Project Smile and take a vacation. The cost would be about the same.

John Fitzgerald, 55
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: implants

I spent 5 yrs looking around europe for the right clinic, eventually found project smile in Gdansk. My patience proved to be the right ting to do. Now that mt treatment has finished I look back and am so grateful to the clinic for the quality of treatment and care taken including from the point of being collected from the airport by Peter (taxi driver) who I know look at as a friend. In summary going forward project smile is now my primmary dentist

Greg Coates, 43
TREATMENT: Zirconium crowns, bite correction, flow injection

After noticing my teeth quickly degrading and fillings frequently breaking I decided to look at other options as I felt the NHS dentist I had attended for years paid lip service and did not identify the root cause of my issues. After ruling out private treatment in the UK as too expensive I looked at Poland and settled on practices in Gdansk. Following a number of consultations with different dentists in Poland I was most impressed with Project Smile for the professionalism of the initial consultation, the clarity of the explanation given and the bespoke and competitive treatment plan. I scheduled a number of appointments in advance for ease of booking accommodation and returned to start my treatment. I had my old fillings removed, new fillings fitted, a kois deprogrammer fitted to correct my bite, my teeth thoroughly deep-cleaned, flow injection on my lower jaw and zirconium crowns on every tooth in my top jaw. The results are magnificent. I am absolutely delighted with them. I found the skill and professionalism of the dentists to be outstanding, as well as their patience in answering questions and providing clear explanations. The reception staff respond very promptly to enquiries and the practice is very clean and modern, greatly in excess of UK standards. Highly recommended.

Paul McCullagh, 49
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implants with crowns

Happy with treatment

Dorian Rees, 61
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implants, crowns

I cannot recommend Project Smile highly enough. I had implants and crowns put in and the result is fantastic. I was treated over a period of time due to the covid restrictions and also for the implants. Each time I was there, everything was explained to me and also the different options for my teeth that I could have chosen. The majority of the work was carried out by Dr Paulina and she took brilliant care with the treatment. I would also like to thank all other Doctors and staff that looked after me and made my treatment at Project smile a great experience.

Beryl Gilmore , 56
TREATMENT: All on four implants and dentures

I just finished my treatment with Project Smile Clinic in Gdansk a week ago and I am so so pleased with the results. The entire process over 3 visits was totally pain free. My first visit was in September 2020, and I was due to go back in January 2021 but due to lockdowns in Ireland I didn't get back until August 2021, with the final visit in September 2021 3/4 weeks later. Everything was stress free, we were collected at the airport and a taxi arranged to take me to appointments. My sister and brother have also been having treatment here and both are really happy with the excellent quality of the work. I would highly recommend this to anyone as the prices are only a fraction of what I would have paid in Ireland for implants. Gdansk is a beautiful city also helping in the process.

Dan Cain, 33
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Replacement Veneers

I recently spent a week in Gdansk for 5 days of treatment at the clinic. I had been planning the visit for a couple of years but due to COVID it was slightly delayed. From Patryk at the very beginning of the process to the dentists that performed the work on me I could not be happier. I had 6 veneers replaced , gum surgery and teeth whitening. The result is fantastic. A big shout out to Peter the taxi driver too who picked me up from the airport on arrival and took me to and from the apartment to the dentist daily. He was a star. Once again thank you and I may see you in the future!

Brian Duggan, 62
TREATMENT: All on 4 upper and bottom bridge with 2 implants

Very pleased with the procedure and the outcome. To be able to eat out at restaurant and not have to worry about what you eat. The surgeon and the dental technician were superb. I would have no hesitation recommending their work. Thank you once again. Regards Brian Duggan

Geir Eikeland Langelandsvik, 51
TREATMENT: Implantater

The best dentist ever. Safe and careful treatment, all dentist are really profesionale and they are the best dentist i ever try

Joseph McSorley, 65
TREATMENT: full implants upper and lower jaws

I cannot speak highly enough of the care and treatment I received at the clinic. Doctors Maciej and Paulina, assisted by their technicians, were outstanding in the performance of their work. They inspire the fullest confidence. This goes for the entire clinic from the welcome at reception to the explanations given for the treatment and the technical excellence of the implants. Behind the scenes Patryk, the foreign patient coordinator, orchestrated arrangements like clockwork. I must also thank Mr Peter, the taxi driver, who made sure I always got to where I was supposed to be in plenty of time. I am more than happy with the results of my treatment and would recommend unreservedly the clinic to anyone. And lastly, a big thank you to Gdansk - a wonderful experience.

Waldemar Kuzianik, 59
United States
TREATMENT: Full implants upper jaw

Very good job and full professional service I will recommend this Clinic to my friends

Tracy Krumins, 54
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Dental implants and bridge plus extraction, fillings and cleaning

I was recommended by a friend to have an assessment at Project Smile. I was very impressed by the professionalism and facilities and started the implant process immediately. Over the last 18 months I have had 7 implants and several fillings and I am really pleased with the result. The whole process from making an appointment via Patryk who speaks fluent English, being collected by taxi at the airport and the experience at the clinic is very good. The dental surgeons are lovely and all speak English and the bonus is that Gdansk is a beautiful city with lots of interesting things to do. I have recommended the clinic to lots of my friends who have now started their own treatment. My husband recently had some difficult root canal work done and is now going to have two implants done so I am looking forward to more trips to Gdansk. Thank you to everyone at ProjectSmile.

Erika White, 49
TREATMENT: Lots of restorative treatment

Thank you to Project Smile for the treatment of my teeth. I had numerous problems with my teeth but everything was carried out efficiently and with great care and concern. I am only half way through the treatment and plan on returning soon for more treatment. I would recommend the clinic to anyone with dental problems.

Kenny Orr, 67
United Kingdom

Very friendly, painless treatment, for a great price

Laura Brown, 41
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: implants

I waited a year to write this review as i wanted to be 100% confident in what i was writing. I did a LOT of research before choosing to have my treatment done at project smile. from the 1st time i made contact to my final visit all staff were very attentive and caring, I'm a very nervous patient and nothing was too much trouble to put me at ease. I have a number of implants and a full set of caps and could not be any happier with the results. I can now speak with confidence and love smiling for the camera. Im not going to sugar coat things the treatment was sometimes uncomfortable ( the implants are a breeze ) and the period between treatment can be a bit tough while getting used to temporary teeth. In a few years i will return to upgrade to full porcelain but this is totally a personal choice as I absolutely love my teeth and would recommend project smile to anyone looking to go abroad for treatment. Thanks to everyone at Project Smile xxx

Nuno Fonseca, 36
TREATMENT: Everything new

I'm very happy with my new teeth

Dale Cammell, 34
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: all of four

I have to say If your thinking about getting anything done with regards to your teeth this is the place to go to. From start till finish I was made to feel comfortable and listen to. The team treat you with the upmost respect and are very professional, you can see they take great pride in what they do and will do anything to make sure your needs are met. In between appointments I was able to keep in constant contact with Patrick who was able to answer any questions I had. You wont find anywhere with this level of quality for the money either, I only wish I had done this years ago but I am so glad I did go it's changed my life.

Corey D. Leineweber, 49
United States
TREATMENT: Implants and crowns

Awesome place, very friendly staff, first class facilities and very affordable. Dr. Igor Foltyn did a remarkable job with the work I had done. I could not be happier! I will absolutely be returning for more work in the future!

Bart Macke, 29
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Root treatment, filings, 5 implants, crowns whole upper jaw and one at the bottom

At the first moment I’ve come in, I had known it’s a decent clinic. Very clean, modern looking with fantastic staff starting right from reception. I’ve got through nearly all possible treatments, from removing a old roots to actually putting a whole upper jaw. All of it was done in very good and gentle fashion. I knew what exactly going on and how my treatment is going to look. In general I would recommend to every one with big and small dental abnormalities. I’ll also sure that any future treatments are gonna by in project smile, due to fact than I feel confident in this clinic and I know what I paying for, what’s by the way not too much money anyway as for everything the project smile did for me. Thanks one more time, and see yaaa all in future .

Monica Verpoucke, 47
TREATMENT: Implant and crowns

Absolutely satisfied with the entire treatment. After the first introduction received a full plan with price. I had an implant placed and crowns. No pain whatsoever during the entire period. Dentist Monika and Assistant Sylvia are both very patient and always friendly. Thanks!

Edward Berez, 63
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Big thank you to you all for restoring my smile

Project Smile really has got me smiling again, a perfect five teeth implants at a fraction of UK prices. Facilities are state of the art and modern, Dr Igor (fluent English speaker) and his team are at the top of the game in dentistry and implants. On my last day I was having such a laugh with dental technician Anna whilst she was putting the finishing touches to my crown that I didn’t want to leave ... Highly, highly recommend.

Guðmundur Óli Jónsson, 66
TREATMENT: Implant and prosthetic work

I returned from Gdansk after having a check up of my implants and a consultation with my doctors to see if it was feasible to get one more inplant. In my case it's not feasible and, they explained to me why it wasn't in great detail. I am so lucky to have found this clinic. Everything is first class, from the receptionist to doctors and all the people in between. Let's not forget Patric the contact man. This is my clinic of choice. You are the best.

Lynne Menzies , 42
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implant and restorative treatment

Thank you to the team at Project Smile for their dedication, patience and hard work. It's been a matter of hours since my treatment was completed and I'm already feeling more confident.

Frank Smith , 76
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implant treatment

Excellent, highly professional and well-qualified staff. I cannot speak too highly of them. Well done.

Lejla Rizvanbegovic, 30
TREATMENT: Restorative treatment

Thank you so much for everything! You provide a 10 ⭐️ service! Best regards, Lejla Rizvanbegovic

Paul Coyle, 39
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Root canal and crown treatment on own teeth

Top class dentist treatment from start to finish . would recommend this place to anyone . very professional and clean . Dr Paulina my dentist was brilliant. pain free and very happy with all the treatment she done.

Victor Holmes , 57
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Upper jaw implants

After doing lots and lots of research on the internet I decided to go with project smile. And from the first phone call with Patryk to the last visit it’s been a very pleasant experience the team are all very professional the clinic is spotless and the prices are fantastic. I had upper jaw implants and I could not be happier with the results my teeth look amazing, if you are considered having dental treatment abroad I honestly recommend you give project smile a call as you won’t be disappointed

Joanna Steeples, 55
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implants and upper and lower crowns

I was initially nervous about going abroad for dental treatment but am now so glad I did. I had five implants and multiple porcelain crowns. Dr Maciej did my implants, he was very gentle and reassuring and I was surprised how painless it was, obviously you feel the injections which is unavoidable, but even after the anaesthetic wore off there was little discomfort. Dr Paulina then basically transformed my mouth, helping me with decisions on size and colour, advising me but very concerned that we achieved the look I wanted, she is very patient and nothing is too much trouble. I felt confident throughout that I was in good hands. I initially went to Poland with my partner but did the last trip on my own. I felt very safe, I stayed in an apartment arranged by the Smile Project, which was lovely, and absolutely spotless, and Mr Peter, their taxi driver, met me at the airport and took me to my appointments. Everything is very organised and Patryk is always available if you have any queries. If you're reading this review and are considering cosmetic dentistry, you should definitely 100% go to Dr Maciej and Dr Paulina

Ajmal Shah, 48
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 9 implants and a full see of upper and lower crowns

After choosing project smile, I was very happy with the plan of action and updodate and professional feedback provided by the team. I had quite extensive work carried out, and visited the surgery on numerous occasions, however being in the friendly capable care of team provided the reassurance needed. I am more than happy to recommend project smile dental clinic.

Stuart Guthrie, 51
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 4 implants upper and 4 lower and new set of teeth

I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Dr Koberda and Dr Paulina and the rest of the team for the fantastic job you have done on my new teeth . As you are aware I am a somewhat nervous patient, exacerbated by particularly unpleasant childhood memories of dental treatment which resulted in me avoiding the dentist altogether for a number of years. However since coming to Project Smile I have always found yourself and your team to go out of your way to make the experience as stress free as possible for me. In respect of the recent teeth replacement, I was so impressed that Dr Koberda took the time and effort to talk me though the process and explain each step in detail coupled with follow ups through the process to ensure all was okay. Although the procedure was quite a lengthy one I can genuinely say it really was almost pain free! I am thrilled with the end result, the teeth fit beautifully and having shown my family and friends they say it;'s taken years off me, what a great all round new look, it was 100% worth it! I will probably be popping over for checkups in the future. A big thank you to Peter my chauffeur too, he's been a great help making sure I knew where I was and where I needed to be too Kind regards Stuart Guthrie

Virginia White, 59
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 7 implants and 12 crowns

Following the completion of my dental treatment last week I just wanted to thank you and all at Project Smile 🙂 for the care and attention to detail I received. Over a period of 9 months from the very first contact I had with you last May until my final appointment with Dr Paulina last week the whole experience was nothing other than totally professional. Like many, though possibly more than most because of my history of bad dental care in the UK, I dread visits to the dentist I know they will almost always result in pain and tears. Not so at Project Smile as I was always given a positive slant and a choice of different options. Please also pass on my thanks to Dr Maciej for his skilled surgery and gentle touch. Having had a failed implant in the UK I had convinced myself that this would be the likely outcome again but quite the contrary ..... I now have 7 successful implants in place! I have ordered the Waterpik as recommended by yourselves so plan to take great care of my teeth but as suggested by Paulina will return for a check up in early July next year. Thank you again for your excellent service. I have already recommended Project Smile two friends who have started treatment with you and I know others who will be contacting you. I would be happy to speak to any of your potential clients about my experience so please feel free to contact me. Best regards, Virginia White

James Major, 31
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Zirconia crowns on front teeth. Plus teeth whitening treatment

Had my main two front teeth crowned here by Dr Maciej. Really happy with the work that has been done. Found the clinic and team very professional. Everything done on time and a perfect result to go home with. I highly recommend this clinic.

Colin Morley, 52
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Crowns and Bridges

From my first tentative questions to them and throughout the booking, the service was superb. We stayed 1 week on the first visit and 2 weeks on the second visit at their Waterlane apartment. The accommodation is a very reasonable price, they also have at our time of staying probably the best cleaner out there, Irene, (Thank you) I have stayed in some nice hotels in my lifetime and I notice tiny little things when it come to cleanliness, this place is spotless. They arrange for Mr Peter the taxi driver to pick you up from airport and all of your appointments, what can i say about him, " He's a Legend" I had such a laugh with him on the many rides to and from the clinic. His English is far better than my polish !(Thank you) Patryk Becker arranges everything from the first email to the last details after I arrived home ( Thank you) My team of dentists on my first visit were Dr Maciej Koberda and Dr Paulina Bautembach-Koberda who assessed me and came up with the plan for me, Dr Maciej did the extractions etc and Dr Paulina did all the other dental magic in preparing the crowns and bridges ( I think I love her! ) Dr Tomasz Minor did the root canals, I dont love him ! A huge thank you to you all, and the dental assistants. My experience throughout the whole process was very professional, not always comfortable but thats no detriment to them, after all, your at the dentist, but they made me comfortable and answered all my questions superbly. If I ever need any major work done again, im going back. For those reading this and wondering about price needless to say its probably at least half, if not more cheaper than in the UK. Thank You all for giving me my smile back.

Larisa, 45
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Consultation

Nice clinic, friendly doctors (girls on reception was just non attentive). Waited over 25 min to bee seen (even had an appointment booked). Had consultation, examination and CT scan, which say on website that is free but had to pay over £71 for that (which in UK for that price in private dental I normally pay that amount for consultation, examination, X-ray and hygiene cleaning). Been told that will be given copy of CT scan on CD but haven’t had it. Had a quote and it slightly cheaper then in private dentist UK but add up flights and hotel then I wouldn’t really safe.

Professor Noel O'Sullivan and Mrs. Margaret O'Sullivan, 77
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Multiple implants, crowns and related treatment.

We cannot speak highly enough of the treatment my wife and I received during our four visits to the Project Smile clinic. From our initial contact with Mr. Patryk Becker, every aspect of our treatment was clearly laid out and help given in arranging transport and accommodation. Because we always saw the same two dentists, we valued the continuity of treatment we received. The dentists themselves combined an extraordinarily high standard of professional skill with an unfailing civility and courtesy. It was a great pleasure to meet them, and a privilege to enjoy the uncompromising level of dental care they provided - exceeding as it always did the level we had experienced in the UK. The surgery itself is impressively equipped with the latest dental technology. Pricing for treatment we received and could not have afforded in the UK was always extremely reasonable. Last but not least, the general back -up service for our visits arranged by Mr. Patryk Becker, from being met by Mr. Peter's taxi at the airport to booking affordable accommodated in a hotel near the clinic, was outstanding. We have no hesitation whatsoever about recommending anyone in need of dental care, especially if it is of a complex kind, to contact Mr. Patryk Becker at the Project Smile clinic immediately. Those who do so will never have the slightest cause for regret.

Sigridur Magnusdottir, 60
TREATMENT: Three implants

I went to this dentist to get a bone augmentation because my dentist in my country said I needed that. However, this doctor said that I did not need that to get an implant. They were extremely professional and fair. I got a good explanation and they began the treatment for implants. Extremely good experience.

Lee Keys, 45
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Major overhaul

Had major work done, extractions, bone graft, then implants, crowns and veneers. Basically quite a major overhaul. Not only was it considerably cheaper than in the UK, the work was carried out to a very high standard by Dr Maciej and Dr Paulina. The staff here are most professional, very pleasant and really put you at ease. I will be returning to Gdansk every year for check ups, they have my FULL trust. If you are considering work done, then for me Project Smile is the right choice. TO PATRYK, THE COORDINATOR: Just want to thank you personally for the experience I have had whilst having treatment. Also Dr Paulina, Dr Maciej, Sylwia (assistant), made me feel very much like a valued patient and their work was first class. I was sad that it was my last appointment, I enjoy coming here that much. I will be coming back for yearly check ups and if there are problems I will also return here. Mr Peter is also the greatest and has been superb in getting me from A to B as well as local advice at where to eat, visit etc. All in all the reflection on your clinic has been most positive and I would recommend you to anyone wanting treatment. Thanks again Lee Keys

David Sheard , 54
TREATMENT: Full upper jaw on 6 implants and permanent 6 teeth bridge lower jaw

only back in England 0ne week after completing treatment, and am thrilled to bits with the outcome of my teeth, Dr Igor said that he would give me a nice smile, after our first consultation 5 months ago, and true to his word i have, and also restored my faith in dentist, I felt no pain throughout all of the treatment, which shows the work of great surgeon, I felt a very good vibe in the practice between all medical staff, which flows through to the patient's, unlike anything I have experience in England dentist, from Patryk the patient coordinator and Dr Igor everything is explained to you, and even Peter the taxi driver who is ever reliable, to take the stress out of been in a foreign environment, I would whole heartedly recommend project smile to everyone, and now my friend of 40 years is also having similar treatment to mine, as for the costs I was quoted £24,900 in England and paid a third of that and had wonderful time in the old town of Gdansk, thank you all at project smile.

Moira Morton, 55
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Dental Implants

I have just returned to Scotland following the 2nd stage of my second implant treatment at this clinic over the last few years. I am very happy with the treatment and service I received at this practice. Their professionalism is second to none. Thanks to the wonderful team of Specialists, Dr Maciej Koberda and Dr Paulina Koberda who carried out the work and consulted with me in perfect English throughout every step of the treatment. Thanks also to Sylwia for her care with CT and Hygiene work. Special thanks to Patryk, the foreign co-ordinator who made everything possible and to Mr Peter who was very helpful in providing an efficient taxi service. I cannot praise this wonderful team more highly.

Fridlaugur Arnarson, 50

Great service and cliniqe

Peter Andersson, 61
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Dental bridge instead of an implant due to bone problem

I went for a tooth implant but due to a bone and nerve problem, I was not able to. So my other option was a bridge after some really good advise from the dentist. The bridge was completed after just 2 visits. The cost was good and I'm very happy with the result. An excellent clinic. I would recommend and will return if any more dental work needed in the future.

David Landells, 51
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 6 implants and 18 crowns

I was very pleased with the work carried out at Project Smile in Gdansk. 6 implants and 18 crowns/bridges later, my smile is great, my confidence is up, and I can eat steak again! The team is very professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering dental implant treatment. Thank you all.

Dee Lee, 44
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Dental implants

One month on after completing two implants, everything is healing and looking great. I am very happy with the service and the technology used was far more superior than the service I get at my dentist in Cardiff (UK). I'll be back for more treatment no doubt in due course.

Bjork Johannsdottir, 49
TREATMENT: take old fyllings out and put new in / and a implant

Everything was great, the service, the staff and great value for money.

Neil Haselden, 57
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Two failed bridges removed, Extractions, root canal treatment, Three implants and replacement porcelain bridges.

Very good communication from the start thanks to Patryk. Dr Igor’s Consultation explained everything clearly and he carried out the majority of the work. He is an extremely skilled dental surgeon and I felt I was in safe hands. Dr Thomas carried out the root canal, and again he was very skillful. I had very little actual pain, just temporary discomfort, even after the implant placement. We stayed at the Waterlane apartments and they really are comfortable and good quality accommodation. Gdansk is a beautiful city and very pleasant to stay there. All in all, I would say that although visiting the Dentist is not something you actually enjoy. Patryk, Igor, and the rest of the team made my experience a good one. And obviously costing less than in England.

Jason Harton, 40
TREATMENT: 3 dental implants and 26 ceramic crowns

I had an amazing experience with the Project Smile team. From the first contact until the job was finished and I had my new smile! Everything was explained to me perfectly and professionally! I'm so happy with my new crowns and my confidence is soaring. I would highly recommend Project Smile to anyone. I look forward to returning in the summer for a check up because everyone is so nice there especially Dr Paulina who did an absolutely outstanding job of taking me through all of the procedures and choosing the right teeth to give me the best smile that I have had in my life!

Michael Waite, 53
United Kingdom

Would recommend 100% after 40 years afraid of the dentist I needed full top and bottom teeth. I saved 10s of thousands compared to Uk prices. I had no pain at all and no or little swelling after was given prescriptions for Antibiotic and Super strong painkillers I only needed one painkiller. Super friendly staff all spoke perfect English. They take care of everything for you the hardest thing I had to do was park my car at the airport before I left. I now have a full set of white teeth that are as solid as a rock and a great big smile

Iryna Fedorchuk, 59
TREATMENT: 8 implants and full upper and lower crowns

The stuff was highly professional, always on schedule, no fuss and extremely friendly. The foreign patient coordinator was always on time providing me with information I needed. I will strongly recommend this clinic.

Margrét Lárusdóttir, 75

I and my husband had recently implant treatment at Project Smile and we both are very satisfied with their work and deportment. The attitude we met was extremely good. We would recommend Project Smile to anyone.

Ian, 70
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implants and crowns

My treatment at Project Smile in Gdansk has been excellent from start to finish. I have been greeted by everyone at the clinic and those connected with the clinic with great courtesy. At every encounter, I have been treated with respect, and any question I have asked has been answered very openly. My treatment over the past eight month has been exemplary. The skill that the surgeon Dr Maciek Koberda used has been beyond my expectations. I would recommend this clinic for his skills alone. After the first appointment in Gdansk I needed some stitches removed by my dentist in the UK who said the skill shown by Dr Maciej Koberda was exceptional. The surgery carried out to place the implants into the bone structure was pain free, and even after the anaesthetic had worn off I only had to take two lots of Paracetamol on that first day. I have in the past experienced toothache and this was in no way comparable. Discomfort, rather than pain. The last appointment for fitting of abutments and ceramic crowns again went without a hitch. The crowns were fitted by a prosthetic specialist Dr Paulina Bautembach-Kaberda who went again beyond my expectations with her skill and approach to her work, and consideration towards me. She is a perfectionist and will not walk away without giving of her artistic best. Their joint skills have given me my open mouthed smile again. Thank you I must also mention Patryk Becker – the coordinator who helped with all matters practical from arrival to departure. And Mr Peter the taxi driver who whisked me to and from the airport, a very patient man!

Sonia Zurita, 53
TREATMENT: Crowns and root treatment
Rosella Smith, 60
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Root canal treatment, ceramic crowns and fillings as well as a dental implant.

I am extremely impressed by the very professional service and care provided at the Project Smile clinic. On my first visit I expected to learn that I needed to have extractions but discovered that my teeth were salvageable and I now have two new ceramic crowns that are extremely comfortable and look and feel very natural. I returned for a second and third time for further treatment and have now had an implant in an area of gum at the back that hasn't held any teeth for several years. I will return again in 3 months to have crowns fitted to this implant. I would highly recommend this clinic as they have many, extremely skilled and capable staff, who speak excellent English and take very good care of you.



Tatiana Waithira Nyaga, 39
TREATMENT: Whitening and and a lot more

It was the most experienced dentist I have come close to. Explain to you in a very understanding way. Very professional. I'm very satisfied with their work. Worth a visit. You won't be disappointed. I recommend

Andrew Ross, 69
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Four implants with bridges and crowns

I am so pleased with the work done at the Project Smile Dental Clinic. With so many teeth missing I was finding chewing my food difficult. Getting four implants and some great bridge work I can now smile while I eat. Brilliant.

Rod Lister, 66
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 4 dental implants

AMAZING! First class professional dentists in Poland. They take care of everything! Highly recommend.

Ann Devenny, 67

I had a bad experience in Ireland with an implant that failed twice here at home....I went to Project smile and they were able to complete the implant very successfully, I felt I was in very competent hands there, it restored my confidence in the whole process. I am delighted with the whole experience. I felt very well looked after from the moment I arrived until the day I left. I have no hesitation in recommending this clinic, in face I am very happy to do so.

Jackie McMahon, 50
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Crowns and implants

Very much satisfied with outcome , great environment and friendly people , although I would have preferred just one person to work on my final outcome as I ended up with three people, , I would not hesitate in recommending my friends and family Jackie (one very happy lady) !!

Ian De La Haye, 49
TREATMENT: Implants and crowns

Very pleased with the result, Apartment was lovely but a little expensive, there are others which are cheaper. Dr Paulina was excellent, No complaints, I highly recommend Project Smile.

Debbie Birkby, 54
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Sinus lift and 3 implants

Fantastic! Lovely staff who are very experienced and professional. I am delighted with my new teeth. Please thank Dr Maciej and Dr Paulina for their expert treatment. All the staff have been so kind, helpful and friendly and I will have no hesitation in recommending the practice to friends and family. Can't thank the staff enough.

Kjell, 62
TREATMENT: A tooth replacement and other treatment

We are VERY satisfied with the treatment given by Project Smile Dental Clinic (PSDC). The treatment plan and treatment costs were given the first time we were there, and everything was completed 100 % as promised. E.g. a dental implant with a crown attached used for a tooth replacement, were performed in a perfect way. Have been at PSDC several times, and always been given splendid service. The quality of work is excellent. Going from Norway to PSDC is no problem, even a short distance from the airport and accomodation. PSDC can fully be recommended.

Dr. Alfred Dobson, 73
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 7 implants, endodontic treatment and 23 crowns

I would like to thank you and your colleagues for my new natural smile, I am completely delighted. I would also like to say that the staff are a credit to the clinic – caring, helpful and courteous. I would not hesitate in recommending project smile, as I already have to colleagues, and I shall be back to Gdansk if any further treatment is required. It was worth every penny as were the journeys from the UK.

George Sellick, 25
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Upper front full ceramic crowns

Really really good dentist’s and great service from start to finish! Thank you so much to Dr Maciej who has done an amazing job to fix my smile and Patryk who is always there to help with anything! Would definitely recommend project smile to anyone out there! Thank you again!

Therese Ludvigsen Furre, 33
TREATMENT: Root canal filling and crown

I had a very satisfying visit at project smile clinic. A professionale team of dentists and nice environments. I also would like to Thank Mr Peters who picked me up and drove me to my appointments.

John Oxley, 55
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Upper implants and crowns

Great Job. Did my upper, now I want to go back and do my lower.

Tara Gustafsson, 26
TREATMENT: Root canal treatment

Thank You Very Mmuch, everything went well and I'm feeling fine. I will recommend this clinic to friends! Best regards, Tara Gustafsson

Timothy Allran , 35
United States
TREATMENT: Full ceramic crowns on all upper and lower teeth

Dr. Maciej Przeniosło, you did a wonderful job with my teeth. People here were concerned that I would travel to Poland to have this done. The clinic there was as good, if not better, than those in this area of the United States. All of the staff are very well educated in their roles. I never once had any doubts as to my safety or the competence of the staff. The staff speak English very well. The people who know what was done give compliments on how natural they look. Other people cannot tell work has been performed, which is great. I went to the local dentist for a cleaning where he commented that I must have seen a perfectionist in Poland because the work was perfect. In the past, I tried to never show teeth when I smiled. While I'm still working on perfecting it, I'm no longer ashamed to show teeth when I smile.

Mike Waite, 53
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Dental Implants

After a 40 years of fear of the dentist I eventually plucked up the courage to see a local dentist in Scotland who strongly suggested removing all my teeth and having standard NHS dentures just like my grandparents had.i agreed and they promptly removed all my top set.This is when I realised I was in big trouble unable to eat or speak properly I started to research what my future would hold not a happy one. That's when I found project smile Gdansk within 20 minutes of emailing them 5:30pm on a Friday evening they called by the next morning I had arranged a consultation and flights to Poland on the next Wednesday. So simple they arranged my pick up from the airport by Mr Peter hotel reservation and collection from the hotel to there clinic the next day the hardest thing I had to do was get to the airport on time. Every one I met spoke perfect English and it felt safe and secure. The best part is I was booked in to have my lower set of teeth removed a week or so later here in the UK but after the 3D scan and consultation in there very modern and ultra clean clinic it turned out that most of the lower teeth could be saved so they will be staying put. So now it's just a wait for the upper jaw to heal before I can start treatment there. They use exactly the same high quality materials as any of the Best UK clinics but the price is a fraction of the UK charges. I would highly recommend even if your not 100% sure to at least go for a consultation before having any teeth removed and a trip there won't cost you as much as a couple of fillings here.

David Cochrane, 49
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implant Treatment

This is a long review but I hope it helps anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation to myself. After finding that I needed implants, and seeing the ridiculous UK prices, I started having a look for alternatives. I've visited quite a few cities in Poland and absolutely love it so Poland was the focus of my search. I found information on Project Smile, in Gdansk, online. After reading loads of reviews I decided it was worth looking into. I e-mailed Project Smile and received a call back within an hour or so to my mobile phone from Patryk Becker (their Foreign Patient Coordinator). Patryk went over everything in great detail, even pointing out the possibility of an implant failing and what happened in that scenario. He was patient and very thorough, answering every one of my questions during that call and all others afterwards. Having decided to go to Project Smile, Patryk gave some rough start dates and asked me to let me know when I had booked flights so they could firm up my appointment. There are loads of AirBnB apartments in Gdansk centre and both that we stayed in were very modern with everything you need for a stay. I booked an apartment just off Dluga Street (the main tourist street in Gdansk centre) myself, but Patryk is able to help with accomodation as well if you'd prefer. Patryk recommended Mr. Peter, a local taxi driver, who picked my wife and I up at the airport and on to our apartment. Thereafter he took me to all of my appointments. Mr. Peter is lovely, speaks English and has the best prices I saw in Gdansk. He was always very prompt and even waited on my appointments to finish to take us back without charging for the wait. If you're considering going I'd definitely recommend using Peter's taxi. It's very easy to get the tram to drop you close to the clinic and walk the final 10 mins but for sheer convenience I was happy to taxi it there most times. It's also possible to get the train from the airport to Gdansk if you don't mind walking to your apartment when you get into the town center. Just be aware that Poland has various train companies and generally you'll want to get an SKM train whether it's to/from the airport or for a visit to Sopot or Gydnia. Ticket booths will have SKM logos on them and if not, you're probably at the wrong ticket booth. There are also plenty of SKM ticket machines dotted around which have an English option. On arrival at the clinic I was reassured to see everything was very modern, immaculately clean and appeared, to my untrained eye, to be new, state of the art equipment. My first appointment involved an x-ray, extraction of a broken root, the fitting of the implant and finally an abutment and temporary crown. The option is there for a lab made temporary crown but Igor made one himself that was more than presentable enough for the 5 months I waited for the implant to lock into my jaw. Dr Igor Foltyn did all the work on me and he speaks superb English and was able to put me right at ease. He's very personable, cheerful and explained everything as he went along. The entire process took around 40 mins from arrival to departure and was genuinely painless and stress free. To be honest, I went straight to the pub from the appointment for a drink as I had no pain or discomfort from the implant either then or afterwards. It's possible I was the exception there but I'm not complaining 🙂 Although I booked for a week I only needed the first appointment as I had no complications but they do advise around 4 days or more just in case. I spent the rest of my visit once again enjoying wonderful Gdansk which I'd visited before. My 2nd visit was 5 months later to give the implant time to join with the bone. Dr Foltyn removed my temorary crown to check that the implant had locked in ok. He then took some impressions and had a technician from the dental lab in another part of the building check my teeth so they could match the porcelain crown's colour. Again, this was a short appointment of maybe 15 mins followed by a trip to Sopot for a walk by the beach, some alchoholic refreshments and bit of lunch. My final appointment was arranged around 4 working days later. This was a very short appointment where Dr Foltyn fitted my permanent abutment and porcelain crown. I have to say, it's a perfect match and my crown looks fantastic. Dr Foltyn does amazing work. All in all, my 2 trips were more like very enjoyable, extended city breaks with my wife, interrupted by some brief, but expert, dental appointments in between. With accomodation, food and drinks it still cost well under the UK price for an implant, but you get a relaxing holiday thrown in. If you're in any way anxious about flying to Gdansk for similar treatment I can set your mind at rest, Project Smile and everyone there are really great. Almost every single person in Poland speaks amazing English and often German as well which certainly helps whether it's getting dental treatment or ordering dinner. I've now spent around 20 days in total in Gdansk (not all connected with my dental work) and still find new places to explore, eat and drink. It's a wonderful city (and indeed country) with great food, history, architecture and people. You should visit Poland even if you don't need dental work.

James King, 43
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Extractions, dental implants and bridges

I've just completed my treatment at Project Smile: two dental implants, with two teeth on one implant and one tooth on the other. This also entailed two extractions. I have waited until completion of the procedure to write this. In my case, there was a significant gap between getting the implants and the actual abutments and crowns, and I wanted to make sure nothing would happen to invalidate a prematurely gushing review. But, as I expected, nothing did go wrong, and I now feel one hundred percent confident in recommending Project Smile. I'm writing this with some very solid-feeling, natural looking gnashers in place! I won't go into the reasons my teeth needed replacing - mark that up to youthful pugnaciousness. Suffice it to say that, in my mind, I had built up the whole situation into terrifyingly gargantuan proportions. Three extractions! Ghastly implants! What could be worse? And I'm sure many people reading this will be feeling exactly the same way. Well, I'm here to tell you Project Smile is more-or-less artists of dentistry. Compared to any dentist I've ever been to (admittedly only in the UK) they are *incredibly* skilled. I would rate the pain level at 1/10 at worst - significantly less painful, for example, than the 'deep clean' procedure I endured at the hands of a UK hygienist, which I'd have placed about 6.5/10. I promise you that I'm in no way a macho type. Had the procedure hurt in any significant way, at any point, I would tell you. I cannot emphasise enough the astonishing levels of competence and care exhibited at Project Smile, from the almost unnoticeable administration of anaesthetic, to actual the technique of removing the teeth (again I won't go into it in too much detail, but it does not involve the "brace-and-yank" ghastliness I have experienced in the past. You barely know it's happening. As other commentators have pointed out, the surgeon is incredibly gentle. It is next-level dentistry. For anyone worrying about the actual procedure of having the implants put in: I get it, it's a big thing. But, at least if you're going with Project Smile, this 'big thing' is going to be mostly in your mind - the actual procedure was no 'worse' than a root canal, and if anything less intense. Keep in mind that 1/10 discomfort level: you really only notice the anesthetic administration and that's it! I was able to start relaxing as my trust in these teeth-wizards started to build, minute by minute. Believe me, relaxing is the last thing I thought I would be doing! After the procedure, the facilitator Patryk took me down to the nearby pharmacy to grab antibiotics and painkillers, just plain Ibuprofen if I remember right and I was good to go. A little sensitivity in the days that followed but nothing significant. Actually, I ate an *excellent* dinner at a restaurant recommended by the clinic that very evening! Now possibly this sounds stupid, but for the avoidance of doubt, they won't leave you with "pegs sticking up" (another of my little-fabricated horrors) while you wait for the implants to settle. You get a perfectly good bridge, one I was able to live with comfortably for 6-7 months. The extended period due to me being out of Europe on business. When the time comes, they just swap that out for your new teeth. Here's what I say to anyone thinking of getting an essential procedure like this done at Project Smile: just do it. Choose them not just because they're cheaper than 'back home', but because they are offering an incredible level of service, care and attention. I'm no tooth expert, but I'd be surprised if their service is matched many places in the world. And get it done now. Because I promise you, you'll wonder what you were ever worried about. Finally, for those wondering about the organizational aspects of spending time in Gdansk - don't. It's a cool, safe little city with great food and a really nice old town you can get lost in. Patryk, Project Smile's facilitator, can sort you out with trips to and from the airport and places to stay and you can trust him. But there's plenty of options online if you want to pick somewhere fun by yourself. I'd recommend the old town, even if the locals disdain it somewhat it's great for the wealth of restaurants, bars and nice walks! Perhaps the most indicative thing I can say about this treatment was that I actually *looked forward* to coming back to Gdansk to finish it off. I knew it wouldn't be traumatic, and Project Smile has helped me get over the fear I had of anything involving dental work. The only problem now is I won't want to see anyone else. I'm a Project Smile monogamist! In case there's any doubt after all this, this is an *11/10 review*. Unhesitating recommendation. Would implant again. Even if the 'old town' is actually mostly reconstructed, they've done a really great job of it. If you do stay there, make sure you eat at the restaurant 'Prologue'. Thank me later. Chosen for recommendation from UK dentist (go to Poland, we don't do implants on NHS!), Reddit r/dental subforum ("Poland is the best place for dental tourism! Don't go to Mexico!), and this site - I mean check out the stellar reviews. Still, I had my doubts. No doubts remain. The clinic is smart and well-appointed. The staff are super professional, personable and pleasant. The level of competence is off-the-charts. Alright: that's enough from me. I'm off to enjoy my last two days in Gdasnk, with my new pearly whites.

Andrew Horsewell, 65
TREATMENT: Fabulous treatment

I am so pleased with the result. All-on-four implants for the lower jaw, crowns on the upper front teeth and a partial denture for the upper back teeth. So, not as I had originally hoped with only implants... but this shows how thoughtful and experienced Igor is as an implant specialist. The 3D X-rays showed that there was too little bone for implants in the upper jaw. The upper front teeth were strong enough to take a crown and then these could be connected to a partial denture for the back teeth. Also a cheaper solution. There is still the possibility to go for bone grafts and then implants, but this would take 6 months. Not as fast as offered elsewhere. My first trip was for 5 days and then another 8 days after the bone had grown into the implants. The extra time meant that nothing was rushed and the new teeth were made exactly as I had hoped. And a holiday in the old city of Gdansk is a pleasure 🙂

Fridrik Robertsson, 58

I come from Iceland, that has a very high standard for dental care. And my dentist was quite pleased with the work I had received. So I can fully recomend project smile to others!

Jackie mcmahon, 50
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Dental implants

From the minute we were picked up by the taxi sent for us to when we were dropped back at the airport, the service we received was outstanding. The dental treatment was first class and the accommodation at Waterlane was of a very high standard. Thanks to Igor,Patryk,Peter and everyone involved in looking after us. Gdansk is a very beautiful city and we are looking forward to our return in November.

Andrew Shipman, 56
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 3 implants, 1 extraction, 5 root canals and 8 crowns

I could not fault the surgery, the equipment was all top of the range, the doctors were fantastic and explained every thing very well all the way through the treatment. The administration was great arranging transport for every appointment. The price was great compared to what I would have to pay in the UK I was very very happy with the finished product and would recommend PROJECT Smile to anyone without hesitation

John Rainsford, 51
TREATMENT: a number of implants and crowns

I am just back form my second trip to project smile. I could not be happier with the care and treatment i received from my first contact with Patryk who organised everything form taxi to accommodation to the dental work. All was first class. Thank you

Isa Bassari, 62
United States
TREATMENT: Implants and more

I concur with all the reviews above. After doing much research and reading the reviews on several overseas dental clinics, I decided on Project Smile in Poland, which was a wise decision. I traveled form Washington DC to Gdansk just a couple of weeks ago not knowing what to expect. It was great from the minute I landed at the airport to the minute I departed. I had 5 implants, 3 extractions, some other procedures the dentist (mike) determined it was necessary, and a temporary fixed bridge to boot! All pain-free and a smile form everyone at the clinic. My dentist here in Washington removed the stitches yesterday, and was impressed by the work Dr. Mike and Dr. Paulina have done. So far everything is going according to the plan; I am just waiting for the implants to heal and for the bone to grow around them, and then back to Gdansk for the final phase of putting the permanent bridge. Thanks Patrick, Mike, Paulina, and the rest of the team. I stayed at the Smart Hotel which is a walking distance from the clinic, and a block away from a major shopping center and a very lively part of town. The staff at the hotel all spoke English, and are very accommodating. The bottom line is if you are in need of quality dental work and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it, head to Smile Project in Gdansk, Poland. Not only they do superb work, customer service is out of this world, and you get to experience one of the historic cities in Europe. Awesome! Cannot go wrong

Caroline Skirving, 54
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Dental Implants & Crowns

I was so frightened however I had no reason to be process was totally pain free looking forward to returning in October for final stage of my treatment. Whole process is amazing from collection at the airport to all the staff at Project Smile( special thank you to Dr Igor for being so kind and patient and making sure my treatment was painless) I would have no hesitation in recommending Project Smile in fact I have to friends,family and also work colleagues

Michael Dicker, 68
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Dental implants

From my first contact with Project Smile I have found them to be extremely professional and helpful. The organisation at the clinic with regard to appointments is first class. All of the personnel at the clinic are friendly and it is a pleasure to deal with them. The result of the treatment provided is first class and everything they promised it would be. I would definitely recommend Project Smile to anyone considering dental treatment of any type.

Johanne Marie Jaeger, 73
TREATMENT: Implantater, kroner og rotbehandlin

Jeg har vært til behandling tre ganger. Har fått satt inn implantater. Har også hatt rotbehandling og fått satt inn krone på stift. Jeg har vært veldig fornøyd med tannbehandlingene og servise i det hele tatt. Ble veldig godt tatt vare på.

Leigh Rush, 57
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: All upper teeth implants

I cannot recommend Project Smile too highly. It has provided my with an exteremely competent and friendly service. The costs and treatments were discussed openly. I trusted the staff implicitly. I am extremely happy with the results. I understand how difficult it is to make a judgement of a service from merely viewing a website. So, I am happy to be contacted by prospective patients to put them at ease. Best wishes and Happy Easter to the entire P.S. team.

Dinka Vodanovic, 77
TREATMENT: Upper fixed bridge on 3 implants and 3 roots

Extremely professional and skilled personnel that provided us with several options and recommendations during the whole process. We never had any doubt the final result will be excellent in all aspects with a natural look and feel. All surrounding services (transport, accommodation etc) are of great value for money too. There are absolutely no complaints whatsoever, only highest mark and recommendations to all in need of any dental treatment.

Lena, 37
TREATMENT: implantater

er veldig fornøyd med behandlingen, VELDIG lønnsomt, særlig hvis man setter inn implantater, i tillegg er det SMERTEFRITT OG TRYGT (tannlegen som utfører dette har syvårserfaring, han er VELDIG dyktig). det som gjelder annen type tannbehandling er jeg også veldig fornøyd med- dyktige og hyggelige folk jobber på PROJECT SMILE. ANBEFALES PÅ DET STERKESTE, mvh, Lena.

Jon Kai Fan, 51
TREATMENT: Implant frame denture

Efficient and Professional

Gudmundur Jensson, 54
TREATMENT: Removal of 7 teeth, 6 implants, root canal treatments of 9 teeth, 24 crowns (single crowns and bridges) 

I recommend this clinic.  I was in contact with several clinics in Europe and Turkey before I came in contact with project smile.  It was a combination of prize and the impression I got after the communication I had with the staff, that made me choosed this clinic. And I don't regret.  I was well taken care of by professional and friendly staff, both inside and outside the clinic.  Now I have a beautiful and healthy smile and can consume any food I desire. 

Steve Tunney, 30
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Fillings, root canal treatment and crowns.

Would definitely recommend this dance facility to anybody looking for less expensive dental work and higher standards than you would expect in the UK

Kjell-Åke Olsson, 63
TREATMENT: Top and bottom bite correction with crowns and implants

A big thanks to Dr Maciej and his crew that has guided and inspired me through this tretement. He was the rock for me to lean on during this time. I am so happy with the result, it could not in my wildest Dreams be better. I Think it looks pefect with a natural touch as I did not want it to look like a fake holywood smile.

Andrew Gillam, 45
United States
TREATMENT: 6 implants top and 6 bottom

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at your dental clinic. You all made me feel very welcome and did a fantastic job of giving me back my smile. Thank you! Andrew Gillam

Helen Wight, 57
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 13 Porcelain fused-to-metal Crowns & Replacement Fillings

After some research online we decided on Project Smile. After emailing to the clinic we were immediately contacted by their foreign coordinator Patryk. He did a brilliant job in explaining my treatment plan over the phone and on email and helped with all our transport and accommodation. After three visits to the clinic I have just arrived back having completed all my treatment. My dentist Dr Paulina was really professional and made me feel welcome and at ease during all my treatment. I knew I was in great hands. Overall I would highly recommend Project Smile - a nice, easy professional service all round.

Alan Sacre, 70
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: extractions and implants

just returned from completion of my implant surgery what can i say about this practice its an excellent practice the dentits and equipment are second to none the treatment i recieved was first class you are informed of your progress all the way nothing is too much trouble i was very nervous of going abroad to get treatment but after this experince i will go again and again. first class treatment every thing I expected has been achieved pity the clinic is not on my doorstep

Per Frostad, 83
TREATMENT: implant supported denture in upper jaw. Building up a broken tooth and three crowns in lawer jaw

Everything was done to my satisfaction

K.C., 58

When the bridge is not perfect, everyone in the clinic stay overtime to wait for an INSTANT modification of another bridge. Impressive!

Veronika Hjertvik , 45
TREATMENT: Endodontik and restoratjon treatment

I have full trust to the dentists at this clinich, they act proffesjonally and seems to know what they are doing. I would highly recommend them for everyone in need of dental care 🙂

May Mayberry, 65
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 4 implants top and 1 bottom

Patryk, foreign patient liaison, was helpful and easy to speak to. He was very kind and helped to make sure my (traumatic) experience went without a hitch. Lovely man! Dr Maciek Koberda, the dental surgeon, was superb. He is one of the best dentists I have ever come across - and I've been to many over the years. I had 5 implants (4 on top and one on the bottom) and he made sure that the surgery was as stress free and pain free as possible. I don't have very good bone density, so it was not a straightforward operation (I was told later). I am so pleased with the result. I have a temporary denture for the next 4 months, until the implants bed in properly, then it's back for the permanent bridge to be fitted onto the implants. I worried about the temporary denture and how it would match up to my own teeth, but I needn't have. It fits perfectly with my teeth and is practically the same colour and shape as my own natural teeth were. Still don't like having a plate, though. I have hereditary gum disease - means that as I got older my teeth started becoming loose until it got to the stage where I had to consider dentures. I decided to have implants - couldn't handle having a plate. I contacted a number of Polish Dentists and decided to go with Project Smile. The cost for treatment here in Scotland is so much more than it is in Poland - I paid £3,000 and this was the main reason for my decision to go abroad for my treatment. I have absolutely no regrets about coming to Poland from Scotland for this treatment and would recommend this practice to anyone who asks me. The added bonus is that you get to spend a week in Gdansk and meet the lovely Polish people and see their historic town and learn so much about their past. There has always been a connection between Poland and Scotland and it was lovely to go there and see for myself. I'm looking forward to going back in April for the completion of my treatment.

Janicke Camilla Madsen, 52
TREATMENT: Crown treatment

Very good treatment!

Kevin Matkoski, 61
United States
TREATMENT: Dental Implants

I was unsure of what to expect. I was traveling from the U.S. for dental care in Poland. I did all my research. I decided on Project Smile, because they called me and explained the treatment that was suggested by the Philadelphia experts was not the healthiest treatment for me in the long term. The Project Smile representative spent an hour on the phone explaining why. So, three implants and not having all my teeth removed for an all-on-4 bridge... It was nice to talk to a surgeon who cared about me, not just in the context of their surgery. Upon arriving, I was greeted by a friendly, professional staff. The office rivals any dental office in the U.S. No work was done without first getting Xrays and 3D imaging. I was amazed they even verified the work after the implants were in-place. The dental surgeon and endodontist were the most gentle I have ever experienced. Their #1 priority was my comfort level and pain management. Their English was exceptional. So, there is no language barrier... none at all! The city is beautiful! A visit to the dentist and a vacation! I will recommend them to all my friends.

Kevin Worley, 60
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: All-on-6 implant-bridge in maxilla

Very professional service, from being met in the airport through to leaving again at the completion of the treatment. Like most people I approached this with a lot of trepidation. I am pleased to say my fears were totally unfounded. The Dental Surgeon had an excellent manner, as did his two assistants. I would recommend this service to anyone contemplating seeking dental treatment abroad.

Amanda Rolls, 50
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Upper and Lower retained dentures, including implants and crowns

After a lifelong fear of the Dentist I finally had to admit to myself that I needed the assistance of a dentist to give me my smile and my confidence back. After many years avoiding the camera / smiling open mouthed and dealing with pain I now just want to smile all the time! I was scared and embarrassed at my first consultation, however everyone put me at ease, didn't judge, made me feel hopeful that I could achieve the results I was looking for and were completely honest with me. I had 2 further visits for my treatment plan, everything was explained thoroughly and and my expectations were managed accurately. It was major work, but the fact I was well briefed meant that I knew what to expect. Patryk, the international co-ordinator has been amazing all the way through, responds quickly, explains everything properly and communicates really well. Dr Egor who did my work was just amazing, he worked with precision and kept my humour high! A dentist with a personality! The assistants and reception staff were also all very friendly and supportive. Everyone remembers who you are, smiles all the time and are incredibly professional. I am so so pleased I chose Project Smile. I have my smile back, my confidence back and my fear of dentists has completely gone!

Angela Ashbrooke, 60
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Last time upper and this time lower implants

Best dentist ever, Dr Igor restored my faith. You guys are amazing. Just wanted to say a a big big thank you for everything. I am so pleased with my teeth but I think you know that. It was not easy for me to have this work done as I have had so many problems with dentists in the past. I never thought I would be able to go to another country alone either. Ì have been so lucky to find project smile, you have been brilliant. Please also thank Mr Peter for me as well. Many thanks Angela xx

Alan Heywood, 68
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 5 teeth fixed implant bridge

This was my second visit to Project Smile Clinic to complete my final treatment the fitting of the 5 teeth fixed bridge. I was very impressed with the outcome, my dentists Dr Maciej Koberda, and his wife Dr Paulina were highly professional and very caring. Patryk the foreign patient coordinator was great, he spoke perfect English and was very helpful before and during my treatment, also Peter the taxi driver was great. I stayed in the old town and found lots to do, and the Polish people were very friendly. I can highly recommend the clinic. A big thank you to all at the clinic for your kindness during my two visits for implant treatment.

Elizabeth Caoimhe, 46
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Root canal, wisdom tooth extration, fillings, laser whitening

I was apprehensive about getting dental work done abroad, however after getting treatment in the UK for the same root canal by two different dentists and still having problems with the tooth I decided to go for it. I have been to Poland a number of times and love the country especially Sopot (which is only a short taxi ride away from Project Smile), I felt completely safe as a lone female traveller. I researched a number of dentists all of which had good reviews, however after looking at reviews on Tripadvisor for the hotel I had at previously stayed at, I noticed a review which said the reason that they were there was for dental treatment, so I contact the lady and she highly recommended Project Smile so I decided to go with them. From first contact they were extremely professional, I had my initial consultation a few months prior to the work being carried out. And they then followed up via email on the work needed doing and the cost of the work. I knew the tooth that I had root canal on needed work, I wanted to get my old grey fillings replaced and my teeth cleaned and whitening done. I also needed a wisdom tooth out!! The dentist showed me my x-rays before and after the work had been done. He was extremely patient; I am nervous customer. I had all the work done over four days, so had a number of hours in the dentist’s chair. I was particularly impressed with the root canal treatment, from the x-rays I could see that the British dentist didn’t fill the canals, hence the reason I was having trouble. The Project Smile dentist spent around 3 hours in total (not all on the same day), cleaning out the canals, filling them and then putting a temporary filling until I get a crown put on. It was only afterwards that I was told that the dentist was actually an endodontist (one who specialises in root canal, it costs a fortune to see one of those in the UK). I also have to commend Patryk, who is fantastic at organising making sure that you are all sorted and getting you back and forth from the surgery (he even picked me up from the hotel on two mornings and brought me to the surgery). They recommend a taxi driver called Mr Peter, he’s great and I would also highly recommend him. On the last day, when paying the bill it was less than previously quoted as I hadn’t time to get the actually crown done. All in all, I would highly recommend Project Smile, I found them to be honest, transparent and most importantly, I am extremely happy with the dental treatment I received.

Tiina Axelsen, 45
TREATMENT: Composite filling, root canal treatment, Porcelain fused to metal crown with metal post

Very good team and very good work. I have found my favorite dentist and I hope I can have her so long I live 🙂 This is the perfect place to go, when you are afraid of dental treatment.

Lilian Sherratt, 59
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implant retained denture

We were very pleased with how smoothly everything was. I have only one tooth remaining in my lower jaw and it will have to come out. So I am having implants fitted. It turns out that I have only sufficient bone to support 3 implants but this will be sufficient to firmly support a bar-retained denture. It is possible to add bone to the gum line but then there is a greater chance of problems and so I have followed advice to keep the process simple and thereby increase the chances of a successful outcome. I chose this clinic because of their professional experience in carrying out implants and of course their competitive prices. On my first visit the doctor explained what he recommended for me and why. He answered fully all questions I and my husband asked. We were given a full breakdown of the costs of the treatment.

Raymond Gibb, 53
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 9 Implants upper & lower fully fixed dentures

After my final treatments I could not be more happy, from the pick up from the airport to the fantastic accommodation, and more importantly , the skill of Dr Igor, the dental surgeon. He placed nine implants in April of this year and my full mouth restoration work was completed last week, I could not be more happier with the out come of the extensive work I had carried out and would have no hesitation recommending project smile for any dental work that you require

‎Eva Johnsen, 79
TREATMENT: implantat og keramisk bro

Jeg vil benytte anledningen her til å takke for flott behandling ved Project Smile. Jeg synes det ble en perlerad av en bro som jeg gladelig viser frem. Og alle som ser den har skrytt! Å få dette gjort på fire dager var over all forventning, flink dr. og søt assistent, bare hyggelige folk over alt. Jeg ble tipset av min søster som også har meget god erfaring. Gleder meg faktisk til neste besøk!

Alan Heywood, 68
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Extractions, Implants, Temporary Dentures

Just completed first part of my treatment, four extractions, three implants, and a temp denture. What a great experience, friendly, and professional from the start to the finish. Patryk the co-ordinater for foreign customers went above and beyond to be of assistance, what a guy. My doctor Maciej Koberda and his team were truly professional and caring. My experience at Project Smile was a pleasure. Looking forward to completing my treatment in November. First class both on a professional and caring manner. A pleasure to be a customer!

Torbjørn, 43
TREATMENT: Changes of fillings

I have always had a fear of going to the dentist, but at this clinic I feel comftable. The service is great and I'm looking forward going back there to fix the rest of my theet in a few months! I can really recommand this clinic to everyone!

Tone Myhre, 51
TREATMENT: Implant and change of regular fillings

I have now visited this clinic two times, and both of these times I have been very satisfied. The work is being done by very skilled dentists, who in my opinion do a much better job then many of the Norwegian dentists.

Sven-Olov Granberg, 57
TREATMENT: Took away all amalgan filling and made a couple of crowns

Jag och min fru hade bestämt oss för att ersätta alla våra amalganfyllningar gjorda på folktandvården under 60 och 70-talet. Dels kändes det bra att ta bort giftet samt att amalganfyllningarna började göra att tänder spricker. Ett otroligt seriöst bemötande med allt från Taxikillen Peter som hämtade oss på flyget till reception och mycket seriösa tandläkare. Dom tog sig verkligen tid att gå igenom vilken behandling som skulle vara lämplig. I mitt fall även två kronor. Totalt blev det 6-8 timmar i tandläkarstolen utspritt på 4 olika tillfällen. Vi vill varmt rekommendera er att kontakta deras duktige koordinator för att boka en tid. Att säga att det var prisvärt förstår ni säkert. Tips! Hotel Szydlowski ligger på 10 min promenad och är prisvärt samt har bra frukost. 2 stora shoppinggallerior ligger runt hörnet. / S-O & Gunnel Granberg /

Julie Kaye, 56
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implant and permanent bridge

I just wanted to say many thanks to you all. Please thank Dr Igor again for me. I am delighted with my new teeth. Excellent service. Very good accommodation at the Smart Hotel. Marina apartment in the old town of Gdansk was beautiful for a longer stay. So pleased to have discovered the beauty of Poland.

Karl Robinson, 45
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Teeth implants, crown and bridge

From the beginning the service has been amazing and very professional. The communication between and during each treatment has been excellent. I had been made to feel like a valid customer on a professional level throughout. I am very pleased with the outcome and will highly recommend you to friends and family.

Steinar Bjerg, 42
TREATMENT: Four fillings + cleaning

Excellent in every way! Effective, painless, great value and wonderful service from caring and empathic personnel. I highly recommend Dr. Monika Teslak to everyone, as I already have done to all my friends. If you've had bad experiences with dental treatment in the past, you'll be in for a very pleasant surprise when you choose "projectsmile"

Gary Hill, 47
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Lower Jaw Implant and upper crowns

I had researched several clinics in Gdansk before making contact to arrange appointments for a consultation on my dental requirements. I had also spoken with Patryk from Project Smile by phone and his perfect English and understanding of my needs immediately removed any concerns about foreign medical treatment. I was collected at the airport on ever visit by a very friendly taxi-driver associated with the clinic. My first appointment was with Projekt Smile and right away I felt I'd found the right clinic for me. All of the staff were extremely polite, patient and willing to discuss the pros and cons of various treatments. I was advised of all the procedures, the costs and timescales etc. The main things that struck me were the professionalism, positivty and enthusiasm from the dentists and assistants. Everyone seems genuinely happy in their work and there were always smiles on their faces.. A good sign for a business promoting smiles... I cancelled my appointments with the other clinics and agreed treatment dates straightaway. I had treatment ranging over a six month period which was to correct work I was never happy with from two UK dentists. Some of the work was cosmetic in that I was having some uppers crowns replaced (due to a bike crash years ago) and some additional crowns to improve the overall smile. Some was to rectify treatment I'd had in the UK which had made my dental health worse. The treatment I received was more or less painless and the results...well I could not need be happier. I have a much better smile now with crowns that actually line up properly with even gaps etc They look completely natural. The implant work to replace a missing tooth was also done with no issues whatsoever. I now have a full mouth of teeth again. I'm not the best at writing reviews but I can honestly say that I would recommend this dentist without hesitation. I doubt I will ever visit a UK dentist again unless in a real emergency. I will return to Gdansk for check-ups in the future. I feel they give real value for money and the best thing is that you actually feel like a valued customer to them instead of just another person on the conveyor belt in the UK. I'm sorry, I don't mean to criticise all uk dentists but in my experience they really need to improve their service.

john logan, 53
TREATMENT: implants

dr igor worked his magic again. Thanks to all at project smile, esp dr igor, patryck and the best taxi driver mister peter. Everyone at project smile put me at ease because i was always scared of dentists, at last i feel comfortable i wish i had known you 30 years ago.....

Geoffrey Simms, 65
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Bridge on implants

I had a long term issue with an upper back tooth and I had many infections over a number of years. The tooth in question was x rayed by my dentist in UK which revealed a cracked tooth. The recommended course of action was to remove 2 root filled teeth and replace with 2 implants and 3 crowns covering the 2 teeth and a long-standing gap. Being referred to an associate I found that the cost was too prohibitive to have the treatment in the UK. I contacted a number of implant clinics, in Europe, and the only one that directly responded through email and a telephone call, by Patryk Becker, coordinator, was Project Smile Dental Clinic in Gdansk, Poland. A detailed proposal was sent to me with a breakdown of costs and I decided to proceed with the 2 stages required to complete the treatment. I believe that the treatment was good value and whilst it was only completed in the last week I feel confident of a good outcome. I chose Project Smile for a number of reasons but not all would be applicable to others: 1. I was impressed by the initial contact and the detailed information I received. 2. I had family connections in the Gdansk and I had visited the city on a number of occasions which gave it some familiarity for me. 3. I was impressed by the professional approach and the options of transfer from airport etc, accommodation, Polish mobile just made arrangements very easy. On my first visit to the clinic my expectations were more than met and after examination and x-rays the options were explained phase1 of the treatment was completed over a period of 4 days. Then a wait of 4 months and phase 2 was carried out which included the fitting of 3 crowns over a period of 5 days. I also had a deep clean of my teeth which felt much improved. If I had to offer advice it would be: 1. Read very carefully the information provided by Project Smile as it gives all the detail needed to enable options to be considered. 2. This Clinic has a Patient Coordinator, Patryk Becker, who provides an excellent service in coordinating visits and help to gain understanding of options etc particularly when the language is not the patients native tongue. Utilise this service. 3. Make sure you plan you visit to fit the needs of the planned treatment. 4. There are many interesting places to visit in Gdansk and the surrounding area. Although my treatment has just been completed I feel confident that it will result in a good outcome in the long term and I would not hesitate to use Project Smile in the future.

Ho Tian Khoon, 55
TREATMENT: All-on-4 Dental implants

The treatment is very advanced and very caring for the patient concerned. The staff, Mr. Patryk is very kind, helpful, considerate at all levels of the services rendered. Dr. Igol is a very excellent and efficient dentist I have ever encountered. All the nurses and assistants are very friendly and really made you feel so secured and helpful. The whole team truly showed their professionalism and care for the patient. Not forgetting the driver, Mr. Peter is kind and helpful. Excellent work team. God bless you all.

Raymond Gibb, 52
United Kingdom

I had nine implants fitted over a few days,the treatment was pain free. I am actually looking forward to my return visit for the final work in six months time. Overall I have no hesitation in recommending project smile you are looked after from the minute you step off the plane. Excellent value too as the same procedure in the UK was much more expensive

Cristin Steffen, 57
TREATMENT: Restoration including implant

A fantastic clinic with very competent dentists! Services in connection with the treatment / trip was great too! I would absolutely recommend everyone to get their treatment at this clinic!

Robert fleming, 70
TREATMENT: Prosthetics

Very satisfied with treatment, would definitely recommend.

Alan Sacre, 59
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: implants

was a little worried about having treatment outside the u.k. BUT all fears have been put to one side the treatment was fantastic attention to detail was beyond belief my dentist was first class explained everything gave me options the dental nurses were attentive and caring Patryk was great I cant say enough about the service right from arranged airport pick up to hotel accommodation . I am rebooked in august for my next treatment and looking forward to the visit .I would recommend Project Smile in Gdansk to every body .

Johanne Marie Jaeger, 70
TREATMENT: Fikk innsatt 6 implantate og porselen kroner (2 broer)

Jeg er sv�rt fornøyd med behandlingen og også med mitt opphold i Gdansk.De beste hilsener fraJohanne Marie fra Haugesund

Pritteela Soogumbur, 36
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Root canal treatment, porcelain crown, replacement of fillings and more

What can I's been a couple of months since my treatment here at project smile and I feel great! The works carried out on my teeth and creating new ones took their toll on me and due to the nature of the work and after pain killers I am smiling happy again! I cannot recommend this place enough. Great clinic, great service and always kept well informed. It was my first time in Poland and my first time getting my teeth fixed abroad. What a great find! From my initial enquiry online to speaking with Patryk to the wonderful Mr Peter who would pick me up from my hotel and take me to the clinic and back to the most wonderful and extremely knowledgeable dentists I have had the pleasure of being treated by. Monika was fantastic! She was extremely diligent in explaining exaxtly what work would be carried out and why. She would always put me at much so that I fell asleep whilst having rotten canal treatment done!! I can't say I have ever fallen asleep in a dentist chair...ever! However with being able to listen to music, the jet lag and injections...I felt quite content. I was soo pleased that i was able to be seen at short notice. I woke up in the UK one morning to severe pain and tried to get an emergency appointment with my dentist here. It was not possible and would take at least a wk just to have an Xray and be seen...given I HATR any form of teeth pain my partner at the time mentioned going to Poland (he is Polish) After some online research I found Project Smile. The reviews were positive and just ehat I needed to read. I was and am not disappointed. In fact I am soon to return and hope to see Monika again given that I feel so comfortable and at ease with her. I was in Gdansk for a week...of which 4 were working days. The work, efficiency and care I received was 5 star. Highly reputable and extremely competent in their fields. I have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone 😉

Kevin White, 61
United Kingdom

Excellent in every way!

Ole Martin Ronning, 55
TREATMENT: Implantatskruer

Vi kom til Gdansk, i våren 2015, for å få behandling for Vivi, min kone. Hun hadde behov for å få erstattet 3 tenner etter en infeksjon, og satt inn en ny krone på andre siden. Vi hadde fått et tilbud i Norge på omkring 75000,-NOK, Prisoverslaget fra Project Smile var omkring halvparten når vi regner boutgifter med. Etter en liten uke, var hun foreløpig ferdigbehandlet, og reiste hjem med to implantatskruer på plass, og ny krone. Dessuten var alt forberedt for å sette på plass de nye tenner og en bro. Vi ble forsinket på grunn av at Vivi ble plaget med artrose i en hofte, og ble stående i operasjonskø her hjemme. Nå har hun fått ny hofte, og snart nye tenner på plass, og vi ser frem til å dra til Gdansk å avslutte prosjektet. Materialet selskapet benytter, er akkurat det samme som vi fikk tilbud på i Norge, og derfor så vi ingen grunn til ikke å gjøre det i Polen hvor prisen var betydelig mer tiltrekkende. Service og profesjonalitet var av det beste slaget, og minst like godt som hjemme. Gdansk er dessuten en flott by å være i, med gode restauranter og et behagelig prisnivå, selv med ei for tiden svakere krone.

Janicke, 52
TREATMENT: Removed amalgam info composit

Fast and professional! I will come back!

Paul Robson, 65
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implants, bridge and cap

I visited and sent my XRays to a number of different dentists in Canada, the UK, Poland and Hungary. The simplest and most cost efficient was Project Smile. Patryk, who was the foreign patients' coordinator provided a pick-up from the airport, arranged an English speaking taxi driver, Peter, who provided excellent service and even loaned us a polish cell phone. Igor, the dentist explained the procedure fully and it was competed on time and on quote and implants, bridge and cap have not fallen out yet 🙂 As advertised. The clinic was was efficient, friendly, convenient and treatment was as quoted. I would recommend the clinic on the experience of my visit. Patryk, the foreign patient co-ordinator, Igor the dentist and Peter the taxi driver were all a pleasure to deal with.

Alan Wisbech, 59
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Absolutely first class

I decided after much soul searching to have implant treatment so far all is going well have had 2 implants and temporary bridge plus I have had 2 extractions and a filling the experience has been different from UK! I found the treatment at this clinic absolutely first class THE LEAD Dentist is clear concise and no mucking about every thing is explained and discussed the staff are great friendly and helpful . I have made my next appointment already to finish off the procedure and continue with the recommended next steps, would I recommend this practice ?? YES. !!!!

Julie Kaye, 56
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implants and bridge

The whole experience was positive. I was well taken care of by everyone. The staff were friendly and helpful. the surgery was efficient and almost completely painless. The hotel, though a budget hotel, was excellent. Gdansk was delightful.

Jon Steele, 57
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Dental Implants

Just had 4 implants done. Very impressed and pleased with the treatment. Will be returning in 3 months to have 2 more. The Clinic, staff and Igor the Dentist were very professional and reassuring. I was immediately put at ease during my initial consultation and during my treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends.

Jan Magne Årsbog, 51
TREATMENT: Dental fillings

It is not often you can say this about a visit to a dentist. It was a very Nice experiense. Next dentist apointment will certainly be with Smile!

Susanne Kikkenborg, 59
United States
TREATMENT: All-ceramic crowns and inlays

I am very satisfied with everything. The teeth are superb, the clinic's professionalism is great, the apartment with the spa is comfortable and the trusted taxi driver Peter is very friendly, not to forget the great value for the the money compared to US prices. Even with the airline ticket and the accomodations I still only paid less than half of what I would have paid at home in the USA.

Ole Martin Ronning, 55
TREATMENT: Implantatskruer

Vi kom til Gdansk, i våren 2015, for å få behandling for Vivi, min kone. Hun hadde behov for å få erstattet 3 tenner etter en infeksjon, og satt inn en ny krone på andre siden. Vi hadde fått et tilbud i Norge på omkring 75000,-NOK, Prisoverslaget fra Project Smile var omkring halvparten når vi regner boutgifter med. Etter en liten uke, var hun foreløpig ferdigbehandlet, og reiste hjem med to implantatskruer på plass, og ny krone. Dessuten var alt forberedt for å sette på plass de nye tenner og en bro. Vi ble forsinket på grunn av at Vivi ble plaget med artrose i en hofte, og ble stående i operasjonskø her hjemme. Nå har hun fått ny hofte, og snart nye tenner på plass, og vi ser frem til å dra til Gdansk å avslutte prosjektet. Materialet selskapet benytter, er akkurat det samme som vi fikk tilbud på i Norge, og derfor så vi ingen grunn til ikke å gjøre det i Polen hvor prisen var betydelig mer tiltrekkende. Service og profesjonalitet var av det beste slaget, og minst like godt som hjemme. Gdansk er dessuten en flott by å være i, med gode restauranter og et behagelig prisnivå, selv med ei for tiden svakere krone.

Khadija, 40
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implant + dental treatment

Never expected what i received, mainlly because we are warned about abroad dental treatments, but am happy to say i will redo this if i had to. Excellent service, confortable facility and very friendly dentists thanks for giving me back my smile

per, 56
TREATMENT: amalgan sanering

Super flinke tannleger. Assistent som bare hadde som jobb å holde kraftig suge instrument när tannen som ble sanert. 3. gang her, og kjempe fornöyd.

Mark Sutherland, 55
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Bridge on implants

I had two root transplants and I must say I am delighted. The quality of work in my opinion is far superior to that in the UK the temporary teeth I have until the implant integrate are better than the bridge I had. I highly recommend this dentist. Excellent staff, modern practice and very professional. Everything is taken care of from being collected at airport and then taken to the lovely apartment discounted for patients and then to the dentist all through the treatment, the amazing dentist made me feel relaxed and at ease. Trust me book this dentist amazing!

Ms Hillegonda Janssen, 55
TREATMENT: phase 1: metal screws upper 2 and under 4

The Clinic has been beyond professional. Not only did Igor and Patryk accommodate me on such a short notice (1week), Patryk organised a hotel too knowing how hard it would be for me to organise, with everything else going on. They had all the medical needs organised afterwards too with such minute detail towards a speedy and as painless as possible recovery. As soon as the stitches came out 3 days later (could use resolvable ones) I was a very happy customer without any pain at all. I highly recommend Project Smile to anyone who is looking for any dental treatment abroad, they are professional, have all the modern equipment, take such good customer care in the Clinic as well as outside, chauffeured to and from the clinic on appointment days, given a mobile phone for check-up after treatment, and are very nice people to deal with.

Marie Grufferty, 46
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Implant and crowns

Just been back to Project Smile Gdansk for my second phase of treatment and I couldn't be happier! Once again, my trip was hassle-free from getting off the plane to getting back to the airport. Everything throughout my treatment was explained to me and I am absolutely delighted with the results. A big thank you to Patryk, Igor, Mr Peter and all the team. It may seem a long way to go for dental treatment but despite paying for two trips, I have still saved a lot of money and would recommend Project Smile to anyone.

Bjartmar, 23
TREATMENT: Rotfylling, trekking av tann, rensing

Ekstremt bra service, prisen er langt ifra det du finner i norge. Dyktige tannleger! 😀

Jon Steele, 57
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Dental Implants

Just had 4 implants done. Very impressed and pleased with the treatment. Will be returning in 3 months to have 2 more. The Clinic, staff and Igor the Dentist were very professional and reassuring. I was immediately put at ease during my initial consultation and during my treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends.

Nicolas Jonasson, 33
TREATMENT: Root canal, composite filling, deep cleaning, extraction of a tooth

Great service, fresh clinic and a superb work by Dr. Maciej PrzeniosĹ?o The treatments cost me 3451 SEK, back in Sweden it would cost me 8095 SEK for the same treatment.I would highly recommend Project Smile to everybody!

Dag Stian Dalen, 47
TREATMENT: rootcanals,

We are very plaesed with the treatment, sevice, hotel and transport.We hope to be back soon to finish the treatment.

Anita Harstad, 49

Veldig bra service. Har tannlegeskrekk men jeg kommer garantert til å bruke denne klinikken igjen.

Volnei Kafer, 43
TREATMENT: Zirro bridge, composite filling and hygienisation

From the first contact you have been very attentive, you took all our doubts and was very helpful always looking to help with information and our needs. The treatment was excellent, we are very pleased with the result. The dentist who served us was extremely competent and helpful and made us very comfortable during the whole process. Certainly we recommend to all services of Project Smile, moreover the city of Gdansk are very charming and worth knowing.

Elizabeth Hunter, 55
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 5 implants including a bridge, plus 1 crown

Project Smile has been a delight to deal with from start to finish. The care and professionalism of the clinic was excellent and I am very happy to recommend them to anyone thinking of having dental implants abroad. You will be in very good hands!

FrankieBoy, 53
TREATMENT: new bridge & fillings

I'm very satisfied & impressed with how dr. Monika has treated me during my 3 visits this automn. I've got a new bridge and I've replaced 7 old amalgan fillings with new white fillings.

Ho Tian Khoon, 55
TREATMENT: All-on-4 Dental implants

The treatment is very advanced and very caring for the patient concerned. The staff, Mr. Patryk is very kind, helpful, considerate at all levels of the services rendered. Dr. Igol is a very excellent and efficient dentist I have ever encountered. All the nurses and assistants are very friendly and really made you feel so secured and helpful. The whole team truly showed their professionalism and care for the patient. Not forgetting the driver, Mr. Peter is kind and helpful. Excellent work team. God bless you all.

Oskar Thormodsen, 24
TREATMENT: Root filling and repair of tooth holes

Very satisfied with the treatment and their good experienced dentist and high technoligy equipment. Their price were satisfing to pay after excellent work, at their low priced treatment.

Andersen, 51
TREATMENT: Dental implant and dental crowns

Very good information all the way. Very professional treatment and for the price that was informed about before the treatment.

Steve Kelsall , 50
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: Makes the process of visiting a dentist in a different country very easy

I visited Project Smile whilst staying in Gdansk for three implants and a wisdom tooth removal. I would and have advised my friends of the excellent service and value for money. In England this would of cost me ÂŁ1500 per implant at Project Smile it cost ÂŁ850 per implant.The service is second to none, Patrik makes the process of visiting a dentist in a different country very easy. I was picked up from my apartment taken to the practice. Doctor Igor explained the procedure to me and was very professional and made me feel confident and comfortable. the whole experience was excellent I will be going back in March to have my treatment completed and I have no doubt that project smile will be my permanent dentist for the future.

Yvonne Todd, 48
United Kingdom

Was a bit nervous about having implants initially but need not have worried. Staff were great, service spot on and implants - no problems whatsoever all at a fraction of the cost in UK. Going back for second stage in January. Would not hesitate to have more treatment here and of course exploring Poland was a bonus Thank you project smile!

Inger H, 49
TREATMENT: Whitening

Super service from the first day when I sent an e-mail asking about what I wanted. The whitening of my teeth was successful, and I am very satisfied. I really recommend Project Smile!

Carlos, 29
TREATMENT: Crown Change

Very professional, helpful and friendly staff. I'm quite happy with the outcome of my tratment and highly recommend this dental practice.

David Bø, 32
TREATMENT: Porcelain bridge after jaw bone rejected implant

I had an implant and a crown treatment in 2014. Unfortunately, my jaw bone rejected the implant, so it loosened after a few months. This is something that can happen in approximately 5 % of the cases. I contacted the clinic, and was offered a new treatment as part of the warranty. I could choose between having a New implant free of charge, or to have a bridge inserted instead. Since a new implant might also be rejected by my jaw bone, I chose a bridge, which worked perfectly. The bridge was a lot cheaper than the implant, so I was refunded the price difference, which I spent on replacing three of my old amalgan fillings.Highly recommendable clinic. Very professional surgeons and dentist, extremely service-minded staff and highly modern equipment. Patrik, the customer coordinator was very helpful in organizing the visits, and even met me at the airport to drive me to the clinic on my first visit. A very pleasant and inexpensive experience!

Liv, 29
TREATMENT: Whitening

Super treatment, they helped me to pick the right treatment, and they did listen to what my wishes was. Clean clinic and professional staff. It just took a few days to get a appointment.

binky, 57
TREATMENT: General and cleaning

Exxcellent treatment, state of the art-equipment.

United Kingdom


Chris, 57

Very competent dentists at the clinic. I got treatment from three of them and all of them where great!

Margunn Hauge, 52
TREATMENT: Skiftet to fyllinger og fikk inn 1 implantat

Var i utgangspunktet veldig skeptisk til å få tannbehandling i utlandet, men ble overtalt av mannen min å prøve. Fikk god informasjon på engelsk både på mail og telefon før jeg bestemte meg og bestilte flybilletter. Project Smile-klinikken ordnet med henting på flyplassen og bestilling av hotell for meg. Syntes det var betryggende første gang. Fikk time bare en time etter at flyet landet og ble tatt vel imot av hyggelig personale. Med unntak av at vi snakket engelsk, var det som å gå til tannlegen hjemme- bare mer effektivt og mye billigere.De gjorde virkelig sitt ytterste for å tilpasse seg mine behov, og jeg er kjempefornøyd med resultatet. Har du lyst på en opplevelse i tillegg til tannlegebehandling, kan jeg anbefale dette!

Håvard Waage, 43
TREATMENT: Kroner/operasjon av jeksel/rens og bleiking

Var hos Project Smile i juli 2015 og satt på 3 kroner i bro, opererte ut en jeksel, fjernet all amalgam, rens og bleiking av tenner. Jeg er meget fornøyd med oppholdet og resultatet og kan anbefale alle å reise til Gdansk og denne klinikken. Perosnalet snakket flytende engelsk og var veldig hyggelig og profesjonelle. Dette er en moderne klinikk. Jeg har ikke vært på så moderne klinikker i Norge.Var betryggende å se at de er kvalitetssikret av DnV. Jeg valgte å bo i Sopot, men SMART hotellet som blir anbefalt ligger like ved og er helt nytt. Jeg betalte totalt 14000 kroner. Dette var avtalt på forhånd - altså ingen uforutsatte utgifter. Samme behandling i Norge ville nok i hvert fall komt på det dobbelte.

Jorunn Fjeld Osborne, 47
TREATMENT: whitening of teeth

I have not seen any results of the whitening that took place 17.08. so I will not recomend it to my friends. It`s a shame because I had a good feeling of being well taken care of, but when you don`t see any results it`s worthless for me.

Paulus Eliassen, 70
TREATMENT: Porcelain bridge on implants

Very pleased that I chose the dental clinic in Gdansk to insert implants! Have now got the teeth and are very satisfied. Everything was very supreme, from the pickup at the airport until the work was finished. The teeth sits as if it were my own. And the help we got from Patryk Becker, the foreign patient coordinator was very good. They help with everything and more. Got also set up a new full porcelain bridge. Thanks to Dr Igor and the rest of the staff. Excellent service for the price you pay (one third of what it costs in Norway). Thanks. Paul

Bjørge, 34
TREATMENT: Implantat

Ble tatt godt imot pĂĄ flyplassen og ble kjørt til leiligheten som de har i gamlebyen. Anbefaler ĂĄ leie disse leilighetene! Ellers sĂĄ gikk alt smertefritt og skal tilbake i desember for ĂĄ fullføre 🙂

Tjerand Harestad, 32
TREATMENT: Full teeth replacement on implants

100% happy with the result. The whole experiance was down with the utmost proffesionalism. The patient co-ordinator Patryk was great. From start to finish he kept me informed and made me feel very welcome. As for the dentist Dr Igor and his team I can only describe as miracle workers. The final result could not be better and I am always smiling with my new and fantastisk smile. Thank you the whole team.

Sergio Porter, 62
TREATMENT: Full ceramic bridge on implants on both jaws

I am very please with the outcome of my treatment, and would recommend this clinic without any reservation.Patryck, the patient coordinator did and outstanding job. He is very responsive, clear, speaks a very good english, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to make your experiece smooth, even enjoyable.Dr. Igor seems extremely capable. He's calmed, relaxed, and seems to work in a state of flow in which everything he does seems effortless.In my case, although there were some complications that could not be anticipated from the x-rays or ct scan, the treatment was adjusted, and I still had my full mouth restoration in two trips.The treatment was almost painless.Everyone at the clinic seems happy o work there, and it's a very nice experience overall. I'm very happy with the results. I was a bit scared when I made the decision, but it was the right decision, and it certainly exceeded my expectations.

Paulus Eliassen, 48
TREATMENT: Tannimplantat Behandling

Meget godt fornøyd med at jeg valgte Project Smile i Gdansk for å sette inn implantat! Er nå ferdig med den første delen og må bare gi tannlege teamet skryt Skal ned igjen i Mars for å sette på bro, 12 tenner. Like viktig som resultatet er jo servicen og profesjonaliteten til de ansatte. Kjempegode tjenester for prisen du betaler (3 ganger mindre enn i Norge). Og hjelpen vi fikk fra Patryk Becker fra Project Smile er veldig god. De hjelper med alt og mer til.

Roy, 30
TREATMENT: Root canal treatment, fillings and extractions

Veldig fornøyd med denne tannklinikken. Profesjonelle tannleger med høy kompetanse. Jeg ble tatt veldig godt vare på under oppholdet, og fikk gjort veldig mye for pengene. Kommer definitivt til å forsette å bruke Projectsmile i fremtiden!

Elizabeth, 54
United Kingdom
TREATMENT: 5 implants

I was really impressed with Project Smile... 🙂 They took great care of me from the start of my enquiry right through my arrival, treatment and departure. Patryk was very helpful and answered all my questions, met me at the airport, took me to my first appointment and was always available. The clinic was nice, clean and bright with happy staff and modern equipment, very professional and caring. Dr Igor did a good job and is very experienced and professional. In total I have probably saved about ÂŁ5,000 and have also enjoyed a visit to the beautiful city of Gdansk... I am very pleased to have chosen this clinic and have no hesitation in recommending them.