Project Smile in Gdańsk, Poland

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Digital Smile Design

Do you dream about a new smile? In Project Smile you will see the effects of the treatment even before it starts!

A smile designed with your needs in mind

Digital Smile Design is a modern approach to cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision about dental treatment if you can’t imagine what your teeth will look like after it’s over. Fortunately, modern dentistry has found a solution to this problem. With Digital Smile Design, you can see your new smile on a computer screen even before you start treatment.

See the effect before the treatment

Digital Smile Design is an approach to treatment that gives you the opportunity to see its effects before it begins. It is a very helpful tool because it allows you to better adapt future dental procedures to your expectations and needs. They can see how your new smile will look, how it will fit with the shape of your face, and how it will affect your facial expressions.

Individual smile design also facilitates communication and collaboration between the doctor, the technician and the patient during the treatment process. With the help of a virtual model of your face, you can easily pinpoint the elements you would like to improve and discuss what you expect more precisely. On the other hand, the doctor can more easily explain the entire treatment process or discuss the types of prosthetic solutions.

Digital Smile Design is a way to create a beautiful, natural and functional smile that will meet the expectations and needs of every patient.

Step by step

In accordance with the Digital Smile Design approach, we perform full diagnostics, intraoral scanning, photos of teeth and a smile. We focus not only on the teeth themselves, but we photograph the whole face from several perspectives (en face and from the sides).

With a complete set of data, we use special dental software that allows us to recreate a virtual image not only of the teeth, but also of the patient’s entire face. The dentist is able to design the shape and appearance of the teeth so that they match the natural appearance of the patient.

As a result, you see your face with new teeth and a smile on your computer screen. You can assess whether you like the result before starting the treatment.

Personalized smile design – cooperation with the laboratory

In our clinic we cooperate with the Wiligała Laboratory, which is a renowned prosthetic laboratory in Poland. Wiligała Lab is also a partner laboratory of the Straumann Group and a Partner of the International Center for Dental Education. Their team of technicians makes prosthetic restorations for our patients, based on the guidelines we provide. This ensures high quality and precision of prosthetic restorations that are perfectly matched to the faces and smiles of patients.

The Wiligała Laboratory uses state-of-the-art equipment and materials that ensure the durability and aesthetics of prosthetic restorations. The laboratory also offers the possibility of an individual smile design that is in line with the patient’s expectations and preferences. This cooperation is a guarantee of satisfaction and a beautiful smile for each patient.

Reasons to choose Project Smile

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