Project Smile in Gdańsk, Poland

Transport in Gdansk | Transfer from the airport to the clinic

We take care of our patients not only in the clinic. We make sure that the whole trip is as comfortable as possible.  Find out more about airport pick-up and getting around the city.

Cheap rides in the Tri-City area

Neptun Taxi is a taxi company from Gdansk, which offers cheap and comfortable rides around the Tri-City. They have been transporting passengers for many years now, guaranteeing excellent customer service trustworthiness and reliabilty.

Neptun Taxi’s services cover a variety of needs, from one-off trips to corporate rides. They provide comfortable and fast rides in modern vehicles, the flexibility to tailor trips to your individual needs, and additional services such as on-call shopping, towing and prescription filling. They also handle various types of orders, such as airport deliveries, celebrations or transport throughout the Tri-City.

Our offer also includes various methods of payment, including cash, credit card and cashless settlements for companies.

We encourage you to use the services of Neptun Taxi, where your journey will provide you with speed, comfort and safety.

from 3,15 PLN/km

Business Services

Payment by card

the fastest in the Tri-City


585 111 555 / 196-86

The fastest of any network

800 170 700

Free ordering

Order from your phone

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