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A new smile in a day

Smile in a day at Project Smile in Gdańsk

Do you want to eat freely again and chew all your meals? Do you dream of a spectacular smile? With Project Smile, it’s possible even in 1 day! We are a dental clinic located in Gdansk, Poland. We complete smile makeovers for patients from all over Europe and beyond! Thanks to new digital technologies available in our clinic, we can change your smile even in one day.

Instant smile makeover – is it possible?

Many patients wonder if it is possible to have a smile makeover in a single day? With proper preparation and the use of prosthetic solutions supported by implants, it is possible.

During the consultation visit, we perform all necessary tests, and register the occlusion (i.e. the relation between the upper and lower jaw).  A scan of the teeth is prepared so that the laboratory can prepare a reinforced acrylic bridge, so you can enjoy a full set of teeth on the day of implant placement.

On that day, the implants are placed and the prosthetic bridge is attached to them right away. Following the implantation, the patient goes back home with a new set of teeth, and can safely return to normal life.

For patients coming from abroad, we reserve sufficient time in the office to perform a consultation in one day. After the preparation of prosthetic work by our lab, we insert implants and immediately load them with the prosthetic bridge on the same day.

Individual smile design – see the result before starting the treatment

In our clinic, we design a smile for each patient individually. It is a solution that allows you to see the results even before starting the treatment. This is a benefit because you can see how you will look like after the makeover is completed.

To create an individual smile design we use modern simulation software, the Digital Smile Design, which allows us to present you with a visualization of your future smile based on photos and scans of your current teeth and face. This way, you can see what your teeth will look like after the treatment, how they will match the shape of your face and how they will affect your facial expression.

You can also compare different treatment options and choose the one that suits you best. An individual smile design is not shows you the final result, but also ensures that you are fully engaged and satisfied with the treatment. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in our clinic, so we strive to meet all your needs and expectations

Dentist and lab cooperation

Effective tooth restoration is possible thanks to the combination of expertise of our dentists and the dental laboratory team. Therefore, for years we have been cooperating with Wiligała Lab which is one of the most modern laboratories in the country. Wiligała Lab is also a partner laboratory of the Straumann Group, as well as a partner of the International Center for Dental Education. We work with international implant systems and use highest quality materials. Thanks to long-term cooperation, our teams understand each other’s needs very well, which allows us to achieve the best results for our patients.

One day smile in Gdańsk – the offer

At our Project Smile clinic, we perform a number of procedures with the use of dental implants.

  • All on 4 Smile is a missing teeth reconstruction method using 4 dental implants to support a permanently fixed prosthetic bridge. It is particularly beneficial in the case of bone loss which is often a result of ageing or damage. In situations where the bone loss has occurred, implant placement may be more challenging.
  • All on 6 Smile is a missing teeth reconstruction method using 6 dental implants to support a permanently fixed prosthetic bridge. All on 6 Smile is the preferred method for replacing missing teeth in the upper jaw, where the jawbone is soft than in the lower jaw.  The us of 6 implants provides greater stability, especially when the prosthetic work and gravity is working against them..
  • The 3 on 6 Smile is a missing teeth reconstruction method using 6 dental implants that support 3 separate prosthetic bridges, each consisting of 4 connected teeth crowns supported on 2 implant at each end. It is an excellent alternative to both conventional removable dentures as well as the All on 4 Smile and All on 6 Smile procedures.
  • Overdenture Smile: An Implant-retaine overdenture is a missing teeth reconstruction method using a snap-on prosthesis. It is retained in place by a “Dolder bar” (titanium frame), which is permanently attached to the implants. The solution restores occlusion  and the aesthetic appearance of the smile. Compared to a conventional removable denture, an overdenture provides better fixation, allows you to reduce the size of the prosthesis itself, which does not cover the palate, and thus increases taste sensation and overall comfort of use.

Reasons to choose Project Smile

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